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Kiss Me, Kate Poster

Before the next batch of cocktails for shows, I thought I would present a couple of the posters for shows I created earlier this year. First was for the classic Cole Porter musical Kiss Me, Kate.


In Kiss Me, Kate, there is a show within a show, as performers present a musical adaption of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, so I wanted to be able to represent that love-hate duality present in both Shrew as well as Kiss Me, Kate. The costumes themselves are obviously there to help evoke an Elizabethan drama, the footlights and spotlight to show a theatrical setting.

Once again I went with silhouettes, which I recognize as a bit of a crutch, but when these posters are completed often before casting (or any photography of cast) and people should be represented, I find it is the best way to accomplish that. Plus, in this instance, the overlaying images are much easier to read, I feel, as solid shapes without details.

The fonts and colors were chosen for a 1940’s theatrical poster feel. The harlequin diamond texture in the background was included as a nod to the original Kiss Me, Kate art, and provides a bit of visual interest through texture, while also evoking old theater.

Finally, to make it seem like vintage poster art from that particular era of the show (the 40’s) I aged the final piece with some texture and filters.