Fall Forward

Fall Forward

Stir with ice and strain into coupe. Garnish with toasted cinnamon stick.

I wanted to make something with Short Path’s Autumn Gin offering which features some seasonal additions like cinnamon and orange. It seemed appropriate to add spiced pear and some cinnamon syrup for sweetness, then tart cherry for a bright acidity. For bitters I reached for Dale Degroff’s pimento bitters and the Kina which helped to round things out.

The title comes from my semiannual confusion over the Daylight Savings mnemonic “Spring forward, fall back.” I didn’t grow up with Daylight Savings Time, having spent my youth in Arizona, so I only learned that once I moved east in my 20s, and I find it useless for me. Since it works just as easily as “Fall forward, spring back” I still have to look up twice a year which way the clocks go. Perhaps my misnamed drink will help me.

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