The End in Sight

The End in Sight

  • 1.5 oz. blanco tequila
  • 0.5 oz. apricot liqueur
  • 0.5 oz. Lillet Blanc
  • 0.25 oz. Green Chartreuse
  • 0.25 oz. Maurin Quina
  • dash of Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s Teapot Bitters

Stir with ice and strain into coupe.

Not too much of a story around this one. I think I wanted to try Green Chartreuse and apricot. The rest just grew around it (I’ve always like tequila and Chartreuse).

The name came from the point in time I created this. It was December of 2020. The year was ending and a vaccine was coming. I was hopeful, for at least a little while. Now, however, I need another drink.

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