Moon in June

Moon in June

Shake with ice and strain into coupe. Garnish with three drops of rose water, a strawberry and some basil.

I recently acquired the Puerto De Indias strawberry gin and just fell in love with it. The strawberry on the nose is so pronounced, yet the flavor does not come across as artificial nor cloying, just a bright crisp strawberry essence within the gin.

It seemed only natural to match this with basil, and I had the Square One vodka on hand. Everything else just sort of fell in place. The lemon was on obvious choice for acid, the Lillet adds some sweet and bitter. That sweetness needed a little extra from the simple syrup. With a few drops of rose for the scent I had a drink.

The name recalls sappy lyrics from the Tin Pan Alley era, where “moon,” “June,” and “spoon” were common rhymes in love songs. But as the June moon is known as both the Strawberry Moon and the Rose Moon due to June ripening and blossoming, it seemed a perfect name. Sappy doesn’t necessarily mean insincere, and I sincerely love this drink!

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